Reading to your child is a precious thing. We are seeing so many technological changes in our lifetimes that soon this age old tradition may be forgotten. We may not be able to remember our own parents reading to us at bedtime but I’m sure mine did!

Now that I have my own child I’m aware of just how much love is involved in the act of reading a story to your child. Whether its the kind sound of your voice, your poor attempts at accents, or quietly finishing a few pages more even though your child is in dreamland, as you don’t want them to wake when your voice goes quite. The whole process reinforces love and security (and routine) in both your lives.

It may be easier to reach for that little ‘black mirrored babysitter’ but no one is wiser, better rested or more secure in their love for each other when one slips down that path. Nothing can match that little toddler choosing their book from their bookshelf and snuggling up next to you and saying “Read me a story”.

With the soft light from a bedside lamp, lots of comfy pillows and a physical book in your hands, the journey into their imagination begins. That little person next to you has so much to learn and so many questions and you as their parent, grandparent or carer have dreams for that child’s happiness too.

These simple rhyming stories about our feathered friends are not without some insight into life and people and how we may like the world to be. The stories are also inspired by real events (mostly) and the behaviour of Southern African birds.

In order to avoid any buyers remorse and to check that the stories gel with your belief systems, you are most welcome to read them before you consider purchasing…see my ‘Try Before you Buy’ page. When you are grownup a ‘kindle’ or eBook makes sense in my opinion but for a child you cant match a physical book!


The illustrations from the books are used throughout this website.


Reading is dreaming with open eyes.

A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket.

Chinese Proverb

Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.

Dr. Seuss

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.

Groucho Marx

So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray,
go throw your TV set away.
And in its place you can install,
a lovely bookshelf on the wall

Roald Dahl