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All books are suitable for children aged 4-7 years. Although I do introduce some words that will be new, the general gist of the stories should be understandable, and catchy with their rhyming styles.

Ricky the Red Bishop

Ricky is growing up – and starting to feel different. Suddenly he notices his plumage is also changing. Luckily he has a good friend, Roland, whom he can ask for advice. Even though Roland is also a ‘juvenile’ , he is one of those worldly wise birds and he happily imparts with advice to Ricky, some of which Ricky wisely ignores…

Kevin the Kite

Kevin is content in his home town. One day his mother says “Pack!” Kevin is shocked to learn that he is a migratory kite. And so begins his adventures to, and in, a foreign land, where he discovers life’s ultimate spice…..  

Doves and Hawks

A flock of doves has special powers. If they think hawk thoughts they can turn into hawks. But hawks are vicious and not at all lovey dovey. What will happen to the doves who stay doves?